Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis for MT5

MarketsPremium’s Technical Analysis software using the Autochartist function helps you make well-educated trading decisions by constantly scanning markets and recognising trade setups automatically.

Autochartist identifies a large number of trading opportunities based on key support and resistance levels. This turns it into a powerful pattern recognition tool that also simplifies Technical Analysis for traders. The technology maintains automatic monitoring of markets 24 hours a day and provides special automated alerts whenever it identifies new opportunities.

Autochartist I meant for traders who want to be able to identify opportunities quickly and easily, and it allows you to filter trade setups by their success probability (evaluated against performance in the past). It is possible for traders to set a minimum probability between 60 - 80% and receive signals only when events that have historically shown to have a success probability within that range occur.

Daily Market Reports

You can subscribe to receive information about high-impact economic events and actionable trading opportunities within your preferred trading session. It is also possible to execute trades directly from the email, there is no need to open the MT5 platform.

Technical Indicators

You can set automatic notifications and receive them when emerging and completed Chart Patterns such as Triangles, Wedges, Tops and Bottoms are identified.

Volatility Analysis

You can use the Volatility Analysis, which is based on the expected market volatility, in order to help you set appropriate take profit and stop loss levels You can also discover information like which markets are most volatile at what time of the day and how to choose instruments which are within the acceptable risk parameters.

Key Benefits:

Discover the Autochartist MT5 Plugin

You can now scan the entire market to find new trading opportunities

Discover the Autochartist Web App

Make educated trading decisions using the automatic recognising of trade setups

Our demo version has a delay of 5 candles.

Past performance may not a reliable indicator of future performance

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